The Wild Atlantic Way – a branded content campaign.

I loved this campaign. It was set up between Tourism Ireland, Jeep and Red Bull. Essentially it was a trip down the amazing Wild Atlantic Way which follows the coast along the whole of West Ireland.

We were spending time in Ireland anyway hoping to surf massive Mullaghmore and also scope a new wave several miles offshore. We were able to film these webisodes during the down times which meant that we were able to pick the weather. I really love spending time in Ireland. Nothing is ever too much trouble and everyone is extremely welcoming and helpful. I was stoked to be able to share this part of the world with a wider audience and showcase Ireland as an excellent travel and surf destination.

The driving was actually amazing and the Jeep took us to some pretty remote surf breaks tackling all sorts of terrain. We worked with local surf guides and friends I’ve been surfing with for a while and it was filmed by Mikey Corker from Show and Tell Productions. I’ve worked with Mikey for many years and we intuitively know what we need to do to create top content.

With 56,000 views across these 3 webisodes on the Red Bull channel alone, this content was deemed to have performed really well. I’ve seen so many content campaigns fall flat with just a few hundred views so it’s great to have control of the creative process to generate highly engaging content.