Speaking at events, conferences, panels, corporate and motivating high level sport teams.

I’ve often been asked to speak at events, from schools to conferences. However, this really stepped up when I was asked to speak at a global networking conference in Maine, New York State in 2013. We had several phone conversations with the event organisers and together with my agent we pulled together a presentation which told my story.

I had never spoken to a large, international audience before and I can safely say that I was more nervous doing this than facing a 60 foot wave. Seriously, I was petrified. However, I’m not one to back down from a challenge and so headed over with a positive attitude and a sprinkling of trepidation.

The build up was pretty nerve racking, but once I was on the stage my nerves began to melt away as what I was saying seemed to be fairly well received. I think I must have gabbled a bit because before I could blink it was over. However, the feedback was great and the Q&A went really well. People seemed to be very interested in what I had to say.

Since then I’ve spoken at many different events and now really enjoy public speaking and would love to do more of it. One of my best talks was for a TED Youth event in Brooklyn Museum, New York. This was such a different experience and I had no idea what to expect. It seemed to go well and I can now say that I’ve done a Ted Talk.

Other clients have included Millenium Banque Privee in Geneva, a power supply company in Germany, Home Hardware Conference, Exeter Chiefs, the annual  GB wakeboarding and water skiing conference and for the last few years the Global Web Summits.

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