As the UK’s most successful professional surfer, Andrew Cotton is the face of surfing in the UK and is also the ‘go to’ point for information on European surfing and big wave surfing. Andrew’s knowledge of UK and European surf industry/culture is extensive and up to date. Coupled with the experience of Andrew’s agent Noelle, we can deal with your enquiry in a timely and professional manner.

If you require sound bites for Television, Radio, Newspapers or online articles then this is a one stop shop for information. Andrew has extensively appeared in news or information articles about surfing and can dedicate some time to providing a surfer/surf industry perspective.

We can assist any journalist who wishes to know more about surfing in the UK, the impact of surfing being part of the Olympics in 2020, big wave surfing in Europe and beyond or any other subject. 

If we can’t help, then we will know someone who can.

Please email Noelle via or use the contact form.