New Surf Fitness Retreat Dates for Portugal – 13th to 20th and 20th to 27th October 2018

Surf Fit Life is the brainchild of big wave surfer Andrew ‘Cotty’ Cotton and his personal trainer Andrew ‘Blakey’ Blake.

In many other sports athletes train up to an event. They have a set date and put in a training regime to plan around that date (and even the next 2 or 3 scheduled dates after that). This just doesn’t happen in big wave surfing as you never know when the next swell is due. So Cotty needs to stay at the top of his form to be ready to ride waves in excess of 80 feet.

This brings with it it’s own training and fitness challenges. Over the last 10 years Cotty and Blakey have developed a programme of training which keeps Cotty at optimum fitness for surfing big waves and perhaps more importantly, dealing with massive wipeouts.

This was proven on November 8th 2018 when Cotty broke his back on a wave. It was testament to his overall fitness that he didn’t do more damage to his back or indeed suffer paralysis. His body was able to deal with the impact and subsequent impacts while trying to be rescued and dragged up the beach.

So Surf Fit Life was born in October 2017 when Cotty and Blakey realised that their training programme was accessible to surfers and athletes of all levels. Blakey has trained surf stars in the past from big wave surfer and world record holder Garrett McNamara to top CT pros such as Gabriel Medina and Alana Blanchard and is a highly qualified fitness professional. Together the pair developed a programme which is accessible to all levels. This has been proven time and again as there have been several beginners, intermediates and experts on each retreat to date.

The training is delivered in a highly professional manner, yet in a fun, engaging environment. Every single person who has been through the course have said that they have made significant improvement during and following the retreats.

The training venue and accommodation are in the same place, with Surf Fit Life retreats being based in the surf specific training center in Nazare, Portugal. It’s literally a 5 minute walk to the famous North Beach, Nazare.

While guest are on the retreat they will get the full Nazare experience with personal tours from Cotty of the lighthouse, surf museum and big wave surfer preparation area in the harbour. If there’s a big swell guests will get exclusive access to the lighthouse to watch Cotty and the others tackle the massive waves.

During the retreat Cotty and Blakey will try to take the group surfing every day and will find spots up and down the coast suitable for all levels within the group. Support is given in and out of the water to less confident surfers.

All in all this is an experience of a lifetime which will offer guests long lasting skills and techniques to take their surfing to the next level. An opportunity not to be missed.

Check out the new Surf Fit Retreat dates here