Setting up these retreats seemed like a logical step for me. I’ve been training with the same personal instructor for over 10 years and we’ve developed some fantastic training techniques which have been tried and tested. We wanted to share some of these techniques with anyone who spends time in the ocean to increase their awareness of this environment, how to behave in challenging situations, how to stay safe and how to boost their fitness in the long term.

My instructor Andrew ‘Blakey’ Blake is a highly qualified sports fitness coach, yoga teacher, lecturer and sports scientist. He has trained some of the best surfers in the world, including Gabriel Medin, Alana Blanchard and Garrett McNamara. Blakey also works with surfers of all levels to increase their fitness with his fitness sessions and bootcamps in the UK. It was the realisation that we could adapt the training Blakey has done with me to everyone, no matter what their level that led to us setting up Surf Fit Life

Our retreats are extremely professional with full client assessments so that we can target support to the individual throughout the week. Small groups of no more than 8 means that we can differentiate the sessions. We cover everything from mindset, dealing with challenging situations, breathing techniques, paddle technique, full surf fitness, surfing, swim training, psychology of surfing, nutrition, yoga, stretching and much more.

We will be running retreats across Europe, with our main base in Nazare, Portugal. Being based in Nazare doesn’t mean that we expect you to surf massive waves there. Being fully mobile means that we can take the surf sessions to the most suitable beaches up and down the coast. Our training and living base is the excellent CARSURF facility based above North Beach, Nazare. Here we have access to the gym, outside areas, terrace, massage room, lecture room and dining rooms as well as board/equipment storage.

Check out this 5 star review from our Facebook page

“Epic experience, honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done. The training led by Cotty and Blakey was professional, safe, fun and brilliantly designed to challenge both experienced XL riders yet accessible and inspiring for us mere mortals. Having the opportunity to put it all into practice on my first tow into a left from Cotty off the Redbull ski was something I’ll never forget.

I totally got what I hoped from the course and so much more. Getting a behind the scenes and interactive experience of on of the most challenging and rapidly evolving sports of our time was a privilege. Massive thanks Cotty, Blakey, Becky and the whole team, you smashed it and you have created something totally unique. Surf Fit Nazare has totally progressed my skills and confidence in the water and delivered some epic memories that will last a lifetime.

For everyone else out there.. DO THIS you will not regret it!”

There are a number of ways to join us at the retreat, get in touch with the team via for recommendations. For the more adventurous amongst who may fancy a road trip Fat Lama provides a camper van rental service.