Andrew loves working with brands to create authentic, engaging and compelling content. This project in autumn 2016 encapsulated all of the elements which make a perfect piece of content. Adventure, jeopardy, travel, stunning locations, amazing people and a great story.

The aim was simple, to showcase the incredible G SHOCK ‘Sea Series’ watches. The campaign linked seamlessly with another one of Andrew’s wave hunting missions in the Atlantic, so there was authenticity from the outset. The other characters in the edit were all genuinely involved which again added another layer of credibility to the piece.

The story follows Andrew and his team heading out to some remote islands off the coast of Portugal to explore the potential for new, big wave spots.

Andrew and his team have found that purely commercial, heavily branded edits perform less well than edits with a more organic feel with product placement and limited branding. It seems that brands are waking up to this, which is excellent news because it’s all about taking your audience along with you in a genuine way which counts these days.

Anyway, take a look at the edit below and see for yourselves. We are always open to brand collaborations, be they short term campaigns or longer term partnerships.

Andrew and his team are able to produce edits themselves from beginning to end or indeed work with agency production crew with varying levels of input.